Exercise Bikes / Recumbent Bike Buying Guide

Getting fit can be hard enough – choosing the right equipment shouldn’t be.

Whether you’re starting to bike while you recover from injury, to improve your fitness or to compete in your local triathlon, an exercise bike is a great piece of cardio exercise equipment for your home. Because it gives you a no-impact way to churn through calories and train on your own schedule, an exercise bike helps you meet your goals without getting sidelined by aches and pains or unexpected surprises. So how do you get started? Whether you’ve already decided to purchase a bike or are researching your options, there are a lot of great reasons to consider this piece of fitness equipment for your home.

An exercise bike will help you meet your goals by making your workouts convenient and even helping you plan them. Pre-programmed settings, such as hills or intervals, make creating the right workout easier than ever. Of course, you can always choose manual settings to stay in control and customize your workouts to your needs.

Maybe you’ve heard the buzz about recumbent bikes and know that they’re designed with your natural body position in mind and offer a comfortable workout in a natural seated position that’s easy on your back, knees and shoulders. Or maybe you’re looking for a way to bring the gym home with an upright bike that can hold its own when you can’t make it to your favorite spin class. Either way, exercise bikes are simple and easy to use. They can keep you challenged week after week, year after year.

No matter what you set out to achieve, a good bike will stick with you for the long haul.

Use this exercise bike buying guide to help you through your search.

Getting Started: Before you buy

Choose the Right Bike: Ready to buy

Tips for Success: Achieving your goals