Things to Consider With an Elliptical Purchase

Putting some thought into how you’ll use your elliptical will ensure you’re happy with your purchase for years to come. Ask yourself a few questions to decide on the best placement and schedule for you.

When are you most likely to use your elliptical? Morning exercisers tend to be the most successful in sticking to their workouts (fewer distractions at that time of day!), but a good workout schedule is the one that works for you and your family. If you plan on using your elliptical to squeeze in early-morning or evening workouts, consider your family’s obligations and activities.

How will you use your elliptical? Do you see yourself riding to sound of a customized playlist or will you use the time to catch up on your favorite television series? If so, think about placing your elliptical where you will have a clear view of the television, perhaps with an extra set of speakers nearby. When placing your elliptical, you’ll also want to take a look above. Low-hanging ceiling fans or light fixtures can interfere with your ability to use your machine comfortably, as well as your ability to see the television or view from your windows.

Do you want to be in the middle of family activities or will working out be a time for you alone? Placing your elliptical in the bedroom might work great if you’ll be using it mid-morning, but not so great if you need to sweat before your partner is out of bed. Maybe even consider an unusual placement, such as an unused corner of the kitchen or dining room, in order to meet the needs of you and your family. You might be able to work out while the kids do homework and your spouse prepares dinner, without missing any of the family check-ins and conversations.

Take a look “under the hood.”

  • A good elliptical should have a durable, high-quality frame.
  • Look for a balanced flywheel, which will allow it to spin more efficiently and provide you with a natural, more fluid motion, reducing impact and jarring.
  • A comfortable stride length (at least 18 inches) will provide you with a more natural movement and smooth, powerful workout.
  • An easy-to-use console with programs that fit your fitness needs lets you get moving quickly for every workout.
  • With entertainment features like speakers and audio inputs, getting fit has never been more comfortable or more fun.
  • An incline option is also available on some machines to take your workouts to the next level.

What features are you likely to use? While you may find yourself simply climbing on and getting started for the first few workouts, you’ll want to look for an elliptical that will stick with you. A variety of workouts will help you to avoid the dreaded fitness plateau, while heart rate monitoring lets you train smarter for better results in less time. You can even keep yourself motivated with your favorite music.